Matthew McKinnon Corey was born January 11, 1964 in Hartford, CT.  In 1951 Matthew’s parents Frederick Thomas Corey and Marie Jean Corey came from Maine to Hartford, CT for better job opportunities, after his father served in WWII.  Matthew’s father Frederick worked for the US Post Office as a letter carrier by day and held many second jobs to make ends meet at night.  He was a courier for CT National Bank, a Hartford cab driver, and also worked for a cleaning company.  Matthews Mother Marie worked at Royal typewriter in Hartford and also worked at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, in security and investigations. She left those companies to raise her seven children and went back to work as often as she could. Matthew is a lifelong resident of Manchester, CT in District 1.  His mother Marie stills resides in the house he was raised in after his father passed.


Matthew McKinnon Corey graduated Manchester High School in 1982 and enlisted out of high school into the US Navy.  He was deployed to Beirut in 1983 and served in the Navy until 1987.  He worked for the US Post Office then shortly after he worked as a truck driver for the Teamsters (Roadway Corporation). Matthew decided to launch a High-rise window cleaning company in 1990, Advanced Services International, which is still a healthy viable business today. If you are lucky you may see Matthew today hanging from the rooftops of buildings in Hartford keeping things crystal clear!


In 2002 Matthew opened McKinnon’s Irish Pub located in downtown Hartford, CT.  He wanted to give back to the city of Hartford and give the “working class” a place to call their own.  The Irish pub is adorned with memorabilia from fire fighters to war patches and is a popular downtown destination.  He is a Union member of the Teamsters and a member of the SAG-AFTRA of NY.


Matthew’s father often said, “You don’t respect the value of a dollar until you worked for it”.  It’s easy to spend other people’s money but when you earn your own money, you buy things you need, not things you want.”  Matthew has always lived his life knowing the value of hard work and what it is like to own and operate a business in CT.  He “is” the working class :”for” the working class of CT.  His desire to secure jobs for CT residents is a driving force behind his decision to run for Congress.  “I love the state of CT.  It’s my home and I care about the people that live here.  It’s time we invest in this great state and drive business growth, keep healthcare costs down, defend our nation, educate our youth, keep our promises to our veterans, and stimulate the economy.


Vote for Matthew McKinnon Corey for Congress, District 1, CT.



Monday, April 29, 2013 11:10 AM

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